Finding Strength in Transitions: Life’s Challenges with happy endings.

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As I reflect on this day, 29 years ago, a mixture of emotions floods my heart. It marks the birth of my beloved daughter, Sol, but it’s also a poignant reminder of one of the most challenging times in my life.

Just a week before Sol’s arrival, I bid farewell to my dear mother. My husband was miles away, engrossed in filming, while my family and I took turns by my mother’s bedside, grappling with exhaustion and grief. 

I was only 27, with a toddler, Francesca, who I missed dearly. In the midst of sorrow and uncertainty, I questioned my ability to be a good mother to both my daughters.

Yet, in that darkness, I found an unexpected well of strength. I allowed the energy of new beginnings to seep in, guiding me towards joy once more. 

Why do I share this deeply personal story? Because it reminds me, and hopefully you too, that even in our darkest hours, we possess an innate resilience to navigate through life’s transitions.

If you find yourself amidst a tumultuous period – whether it be loss, the end of a relationship, or a career shift – know this: it will pass. You hold within you the power to transform this chapter into your greatest triumph yet.

So, if you’re feeling stuck, here are three simple yet powerful steps to help you move forward:

  1. Join a Community: Surround yourself with individuals who understand and support you. Whether it’s a local support group, an online community, or a close-knit circle of friends, find solace in shared experiences and collective strength. Feel free to click here to Join our Community

  1. Journal Your Journey: Writing can be a cathartic release for your thoughts and emotions. And using art journaling will help you bypass your conscious mind and discover your deepest desires. Take time each day to jot down your reflections, fears, and hopes. Witnessing your journey on paper can provide clarity and insight into your path forward. If you don’t know where to start, get my FREE “Art Journal with Noel” here

  1. Ask for Help: Remember, you are not alone. Reach out to loved ones, mentors, or professionals for guidance and assistance. Vulnerability is not a sign of weakness but rather a testament to your courage in seeking support. You can reach me at

Try it out because it really works!

Remember how it all started for my daughter Sol and I? 

Well, Sol has been one of the biggest sources of joy in my life. And when she expressed her desire to spend the day with me for her birthday I felt really blessed!

As we embarked on a magical horseback riding adventure together, just the two of us, before joining our friends and family, Sol turned to me with a radiant smile and said, “It all started with me in your belly, Mami. That’s why I want to spend some special and alone time with you today.” 

Moments like these remind me of the beauty and resilience of the human spirit, and I am grateful for every cherished memory we create together.

As you embark on this journey of transformation, may you find solace in the knowledge that within you lies the resilience to overcome any obstacle. Embrace each moment as an opportunity for growth and renewal.

You got this!

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