“What the caterpillar calls The End, the rest of the world calls Butterfly” -Lao Tzu

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I feel like Lao Tzu wrote these words thinking about all of us, beautiful & brave empty nesters! Like the caterpillars, we lived for many years inside our cocoons (our families), we worked really hard, we devoted all of our energy to raising our children and when they finally left, it felt like the end! Does it sound familiar?

What we fail to see due to our grief is that being full time parents, as fulfilling and important as it was, was just one stage of our journey. Parenthood made us walk through fire, we became more courageous, generous and overall, a better version of ourselves. And most importantly it got us ready for the next stage in our life, one in which we can serve and inspire the world around us, from a place of experience and wisdom.

Some of us ladies aren’t young enough to keep on having children, nor would we probably choose to start all over again at this point, even if we had the chance. I know I wouldn’t! But we’re young enough to enjoy the freedom that we have earned with our own sweat! World renowned Coach and public speaker Tony Robbins says that what we focus on becomes our reality. So what do you want your new reality, your life, the next chapter in your life to look and feel like?

After going through this stage myself and helping many others to thrive during this transition, here are the 3 tips that I know will help you regain control of your life, turn your emptiness into freedom and your sadness into purpose:

Focus on what you have:

So what would happen if instead of focusing all of our attention in what we don’t have anymore (children to drive to school, games and practices) we could focus on what we want to do with that precious thing called time, a treasure that a few years ago we would have killed for? What’s in your bucket list? Maybe you want to take off and travel a bit, you might want to learn something you always wanted to and didn’t have the time to pursue, or perhaps you’re ready to leave the job that no longer fulfills you and start your own business? This is the time to search deep inside and let your heart whisper the answer!

Focus on the beginning of the new stage:

What if instead of focusing all our energy on grieving the end of the full-time parenthood stage we could start shifting some energy and focus to celebrate the beginning of the next stage? Have you ever noticed how different you are at the beginning of a relationship or a project than when at the end of it? At the beginning of things we are filled with enthusiasm, we are committed to doing everything right and we pay attention to every detail. We focus on being the best version of ourselves and, in turn, we get so energized and in love with life that we become super attractive and great to be around! So, would you consider that even though it is true that a stage in your life is coming to an end, another potentially wonderful one is beginning? Focus in the now, put your best foot forward and start living your long lost dreams!

Focus on what you can control:

What if instead of focusing on what we cannot control (our grown children and the decisions they make) we could focus on what we can (kind of) control? What we choose to do with the gifts life is giving us at the moment, our new found time and space, will determine the quality of this new chapter in our lives!

So, my dear fellow Empty Nesters, it is our turn to enjoy our new found freedom! Who is ready to embark on a new journey, one of endless possibilities, vibrancy and purpose? Hop on Butterflies, it is our time to soar!

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