How do you want to feel when the clock strikes 12 and you welcome the year 2022?

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Do you want to feel fulfilled and proud about your accomplishments or regret that another year passed by without you getting any closer to the life you desire? We’re about to enter the second half of the year and it’s not too late to accomplish your New Year’s Resolutions!

If you’re an ordinary human being, like me, you were most likely surprised to hear that we’re entering the second half of the year and probably feeling a bit guilty about the long forgotten New Year’s Resolutions. Is that you? I believe that, unfortunately, most of us forget all about our well intended resolutions by the time March comes around!

World renowned public speaker Dean Graziosi caught me by surprise, a couple of days ago, when during June’s “Inner Circle” coaching session he brought up the fact that the first half of the year is already gone. I freaked out a little bit, as I tried to remember what I set out to accomplish on that inspired last night of December. I frantically searched through my pile of colorful notebooks until I found the one where I wrote them down.

Full of his signature empowering and optimistic energy, Dean suggested for us all to draw a line in the sand, assess where we’re standing in regards to the goals we had for this year and come up with a plan to work on the areas that need improvement. Who says we can’t still finish the year strong and be absolutely satisfied and excited when the clock strikes 12 and we welcome the year 2022?

In all honesty, I surprised myself in a positive way as I started responding the questions in the order Dean suggested. I encourage you to be thorough, to respect the order of the questions because the order alters the end result. I realized I have already accomplished part of my goals and what’s left seems doable following Dean’s 5 steps.

What did I do right during the first half of the year?

It’s very natural for us to focus on what went wrong, but counting what went right first is extremely important because it helps us focus on our strengths. Our brain was wired for us to survive in a way more dangerous and unpredictable environment and not to thrive in this modern world. That’s why our brain is always warning us of possible danger and looking for potential harm, preventing us from taking the necessary risks to reach our full potential.

So now, identify what you did right so far, notice what helped you achieve your results, and replicate the formula in the areas that need attention. For example, let’s say you have been able to turn your health around, you have lost the weight and you have been exercising regularly. How did you accomplish that? Did you schedule your workouts? Did you have an accountability partner? How can you use these same tools to accomplish your other New Years resolutions? Could you schedule the steps you need to take in the other areas of your life that need improvement? How about scheduling date nights to spice up your romantic relationship? Can you get an accountability partner to help you with your new work project?

Drag all the wins you have identified and bring them with you to the second half of the year. They will be the fuel to keep you going and for you to continue believing in yourself!

What didn’t work, what went wrong?

Before even identifying the areas that need work, FORGIVE YOURSELF. Did you start the year ready to be a part of the solution to today’s issues, but got so overwhelmed that you ended up being and observer instead? If you were scared, if you hesitated and even if you forgot all about your goals, it’s not the end of the world! That’s called being human and living in such a fast and demanding world that our good intentions get lost in the sea of problems. We still have 6 months left to accomplish our goals, so let’s keep going!

STOP YOUR NEGATIVE TALK and behavior! If you are like me, you have probably told yourself things that you wouldn’t even dare say to your worst enemy. How did that work for you? All that negativity won’t help you become the woman or man you were created to be. Be kind to yourself without enabling bad behavior!

What are the LESSONS you can you LEARN from what went wrong? Use your mistakes as fuel and not as an anchor! After all, there is no growth without getting out of your comfort zone, and there is no way of doing everything right unless you practice a lot!

Overall, don’t let any of this discourage you, we still have 6 months left to accomplish our goals!

What do I want to accomplish during the second half of the year?

Now pretend it is the end of December 2021 and you just had the best 6 months of your life. How do you feel? What happened? Who did you have to become to optimize your time, to love deeper, to serve more, and to be healthier?Visualize yourself saying goodbye to 2021, become aware of every detail, allow the feeling of fulfillment that comes after accomplishing those things that changed your life for the better to permeate your entire being! That feeling will be the leverage you’ll need to stay focus when everything and everyone around you tells you to stop trying!

What capabilities will I need acquire to accomplish the goals that will take my life, love, friendships, work, to the next level?

What do I mean by capabilities? After identifying the gap between where you are and where you would really like to be at the end of December, the bridge to get there will be your capabilities! Will you have to work on your mindset to make sure that nothing deters you from pursuing your goals? Will you have to take an online course? Or become a part of a group that holds each other accountable? Would you have to join the gym? I urge you to take whatever action you need to gain the capabilities necessary for you to achieve your goals!

What actions can I take right now to reach the finish line, December 31st 2021 happy, fulfilled and proud of yourself?

What will you have to say no to? Make a NOT TO DO LIST, listing those activities you are wasting your time on. Are you spending too much time on Instagram or Facebook? Do you spend all your weekend watching Netflix? Are you wasting your time paying bills in person when you can automatize the payments? Look for even the tiniest pockets of wasted time because when you add them up, you’ll be surprised about how much time you can gain. And please use your time to grow the parts of your life you love and cherish the most!

What will you have to SAY YES to, even if it means taking uncomfortable action? Perhaps you can join a running group that meets on weekends, so you don’t stay all day inside. Or you can start working on your new business proposal. Identify those things that move the needle, that push you towards your goals and make sure you do a lot of it! And always favor the decisions that will help you grow!

I am an eternal optimist and love second chances. Do you? Please take the time to do this exercise thoroughly and start taking action. I promise you will not regret it and trust I will see your pics on Instagram celebrating all your wins when this year comes to an end!

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