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How often does the new day feel exactly like the day before? Do you ever find yourself repeating the same opinions and the same words day after day? Like a broken record, we press play at the beginning of the day and live our life as an endless, uninspired, never ending loop. But in reality, every moment is unique and full of new possibilities. Modern science shows that even our physical composition, our entire organism regenerates constantly. So, why resist change that is the only sure thing in our existence?

This claustrophobic feeling of being stuck became very real when Covid hit and my family and I got stuck inside our home in Los Angeles for a full year. We were lucky and very grateful not to be on full lockdown like some of our friends around the world, but in reality, once they closed the stores, gyms, offices, parks and even the beaches, there wasn’t that much to do.

That’s when we discovered Chopra and Oprah’s 21 day meditation “Getting Unstuck: Creating a Limitless Life.” They created this experience to help people break out of the sense of limitation and frustration we often feel. Throughout the meditation, we not only became aware of the way we were limiting our ability to enjoy the newness of every day, but we also learned that we are never stuck when we live in the present! In fact, they say that to get unstuck all we need to do is expand our awareness because in that awareness the limitations on our perceptions dissolve, our options increase and we find the inner fulfillment that is our True Self.

5 tips to get unstuck from a life we don’t want:

> Live and appreciate the present moment, because all the possibilities and gifts life has to offer live in our True Self that lives in the present. Focusing or attaching ourselves to our past or future gets us stuck. For example, if your usually rude neighbor says kind words to you today, accept them with gratitude rather than saying to yourself “what got into him today, he’s such a rude man.”

>Connect to your creativity! From your creative core you will respond to every moment from a place of possibility and openness. This is how every cell of our body knows to respond to every circumstance with adaptability and creativity to maintain its health and balance.

> Gratitude gets us unstuck! When we are grateful for all the gifts that are offered to us at the present moment we create an environment in which creative solutions always flow. If we are too rigid or judgmental about the things we are facing, creativity stops flowing and we get stuck.

>Get rid of the belief that we need to struggle and strive to overcome obstacles. In reality struggling never solves the root problem of limited awareness. Our higher self is unlimited and its organizing power will effortlessly find creative solutions and unexpected choices for us.

>Raise your expectations. What we focus on becomes our reality, so if our expectations are low, so will be our results. Expect having abundance, love, joy and health and that’s what you will get, as long as you live from your true self. Do not settle for a life you don’t want, it is our birth right to thrive in all aspects of our lives!

I believe that by staying open and embracing the newness of each day with a grateful heart, we can live a more dynamic life, creating a better version of ourselves 

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"There are only two ways to live life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle." -Albert Einstein


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