What’s the Wealthiest Place on Earth? The Graveyard!

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The wealthiest place on earth is not Dubai or the US. In fact, it is the graveyard. That’s where so many wonderful dreams, good intentions and incredible ideas die, as stated by educator and inspirational speaker Pete Vargas.

Have you ever thought that when you pass on, your body is not the only thing that dies? Would you live your life differently if you realized that everything that lived within you and didn’t get fulfilled will die with you? 

As we get older and reality sets in, that we won’t live forever, we often start thinking about the legacy we are going to leave behind the day we cross the finish line. A legacy can be the intangible memories and feelings people hold off you after you pass away. It could also be a cause you dedicated your life to, the people you inspired or something you built and left for those that came behind you.

So, please hear me out and know this is what a legacy isn’t: all of our untapped and unfulfilled potential. All of those great ideas we don’t act upon because we are scared of the challenge, those dreams we don’t pursue because we are embarrassed of what people will think of us.

World renowned coach and public speaker Tony Robbins suggests to do the rocking chair exercise every time you’re about to make an important decision: “So, if I were 90 years old reflecting back on my life, what’s the legacy I would want to leave behind? In my particular case, would I want to be the woman who went online, showing all her vulnerability, to inspire as many people as possible? Or would I be the lady that studied all of her life to become wise and didn’t use the wisdom to serve the world around her? It’s really up to me!”

Now it’s you turn to ask yourself what are the unique gifts and talents that you have been given as your birth right and what are you going to do with them. Are you going to pursue your passion, are you going to use your talents to serve the world? The last thing you want is to be sitting in your rocking chair at age 90 wishing that you had loved more, laughed more, that you had accepted and ran with every opportunity life offered you! So think about it, what’s the impact only you could make in the world? 

Research shows that the main reason we don’t develop our full potential isn’t because we are lazy or not smart enough, but for lack of guidance and a bullet proof mindset. Are you willing to acquire the mindset needed to play full out? I’m working on it, because I know when I cross the finish line I will want to know I have given everything I got to give. How about you? Are you ready to build a remarkable legacy?

This are the 3 steps to make sure you start building a legacy right now:

> Identify your dreams, because they will become your legacy. What brings you joy? What would you want to be remembered by?

> Focus on WHY this dream is important to you. Why is this idea, this project worth pursuing? Your reason has to be so strong that it will help you stay focused and overcome as many obstacles as necessary to achieve your vision. The WHY will help you keep a positive your mindset.

> Only when you are absolutely clear and connected to your WHY you will look into the HOW to get there. The HOW are the strategies and capabilities you will need to accomplish it. I highly recommend you to surround yourself with people that hold you accountable, that understand how important this vision is for you. The environment is key to our success!

> Reconnect with your WHY every time you have doubts or are try to talk yourself out of your vision, it really works!

> Stand guard at the door of your mind. It’s where your reality gets created!

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