Work on your weaknesses and you’ll end up being a mediocre at many things!

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When I first heard Dean Graziosi passionately make this statement, I was taken aback. What does he mean? Shouldn’t we be well rounded? Isn’t our whole education system based on that?

Dean followed this statement by saying: “work on your strengths instead, and become the best in your field. You’ll be making a much greater impact in the world by developing the gift that was given to you and nobody else 😍.”

I have been studying with Dean long enough to know his heart. He’s the most compassionate leader, and a well rounded human being. He is generous and caring, an amazing coach and teacher who has transformed the lives of millions, mine included! A dedicated father and husband and an outstanding and incredibly wealthy business man.

Pretty well rounded, ha?

This is the amazing part. At school the teachers and classmates called him dumb. He openly shares he has dyslexia, still can’t read and can’t do math if his life depended on it.

But here is what he’s good at, something his grandma drilled into his head! He is the best storyteller, communicator and marketer I know. He cares so much for the people he serves that once you hear him talk, you will follow him for ever. And he has built an empire on his strengths!

He is transparent about his qualities and shortcomings and a living proof of what’s possible when you have a strong work ethic, live with purpose and believe in what you have to share with the world.

So, here is the point…

Imagine if the teachers with their mean comments had destroyed Dean’s confidence? If his grandma’s relentless love and trust in him wasn’t strong enough to give him the confidence to keep on trying? Imagine what the world would have missed out on if he didn’t focus on his gift?

Now think about yourself. What have you been beating yourself up for not being good at, carrying that shame since you were a little boy or girl? How many hours did you suffer trying to improve in areas that are so hard for you, that you ended up discouraged, sad and completely uninspired?

And what about your strengths? What are things you excel at? Are you the funniest person in the room, good at problem solving, a good listener or the most organized human being? Are you a visionary, can you compose music, sing, dance or cure diseases? Maybe you are warm and nurturing and people know they can come to you always, that you’re never going to judge them.

We live in such a diverse world, people need so many things and we were given a variety of talents because together we can build a better world!

Here’s what I want you to remember: work on your strengths and soon enough you’ll be able to hire your weaknesses. We were all born with a gift, it’s time to make it shine. The world needs you 💖

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